I started #100happydays on Instagram because why not?

Because I wanted to start a blog like 1000 Awesome Things, but I couldn’t think of any to get started, so I thought I’d start small.

I jumped ahead. I wanted to start a blog because I need to remind myself to stop and smell the figurative roses. I’ve clocked 25,000 miles of relocation over the past few years, a child, a career, some sanity. I feel so worn out and run down that I don’t remember the last time I stopped to look around.

I started it on Instagram but I like making websites (a lot more than I like maintaining them) so I thought I’d run them in parallel until I get bored.


It’s notebooks and pens. Lots of both. I started doing ‘rapid journalling’ or bullet journalling as people call it on Pinterest sometime last year. It makes me look like a psychopath to those who love me, and a massive pedant to those who don’t.

It’s an excuse to buy as many .001mm pens as I can get my hands on in a given art shop and pretend that I can do freehand lettering. It’s also a pretty good way to keep analog track of my mostly digital life, and mostly it’s pretty good for mindfulness.

I don’t have any notable ‘spreads’ (that’s what we call it in the bullet journal gang). My handwriting is small and either perfect or illegible depending on my caffeine intake. Oh and I have a pen bag.

Like I said, start small.

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